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Boots made for walking (literally.)

These I will put in my “Would be nice to have in January/February” file.


The North Face "Adrianne III" Boots - $195 @ Bloomingdale's

They’re pretty darn stylish for a utility boot.

I struggle walking on a dry, clean sidewalk in the middle of summer (I’ve always been really klutzy) so once winter hits, I am basically done.  Even if the roads are completely cleared and safe to drive, parking lots still contain a ton of ice.  Therefore causing maximum danger of falling for Belinda.

When I was in college, walking to class took an extra long time due to the fact that I was walking so slowly, praying I didn’t slip on the ice & break something.  I’m just not used to these winters that actually have snow.  Granted, Morgantown’s climate is not as arctic as say, Grantsville, MD (the hometown of my company’s headquarters that is continuously a full 10 degrees cooler than Morgantown, even in the dead of summer) or, you know, the North Pole.  But for the greater part of my first 17 years of life, I lived in a more temperate climate nestled in a river valley.

Ben, who is from Pittsburgh & is used to the exact same winter as Morgantown, is constantly amazed by the fact that I can fall so easily on ice/snow.  One night last winter, we headed downtown to pop in a friend’s birthday celebration.  There was a bit of ice on the sidewalks on the walk downtown, so I wore treaded boots.  Ben wore rubber, smooth-soled dress shoes.  I gripped his arm the entire walk and almost pulled him down a handful of times as I slid.  Meanwhile, he was trotting along normally.  I’m pretty sure I have some sort of brain malfunction when it comes to surviving in wintry climates.  (Perfect reason to move someplace that is warm & sunny 365 days a year!)

A few years ago, my tense walks to campus merited my purchase of a pair of intense North Face boots with grippy treads that would aid in my trek.  They’ve saved me from many a fall.  (Unfortunately not every single fall, but who’s counting!)  They work, you see, but they leave a lot to be desired in the looks department.

These boots would be a perfect compromise.  Still waterproof, lined with space-age material to keep my little piggies warm, & lots of nice grippy treads on the bottom, but a style that doesn’t make me bring a pair of shoes to change into as soon as I enter the door.

Plus they incorporate the tall boots / moccasin-like boots trends all into one!


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