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Forever 21 Find

When you think Forever 21, you don’t usually think investment piece.  Now, sequin leggings that you will wear one season? Definitely!

So imagine my surprise when I found this fringed vest:


Leather fringed vest Forever 21 - $39.80

Now, its price tag is slightly steeper than F21’s usual $20-30, but, my friends, that is because it is REAL leather!  Most of F21’s outerwear pieces are pleather to, obviously, keep costs down, etc. etc.

However, with this being real leather, it’s something I can actually continue to wear for a few years!  (And I probably will, even if fringe isn’t cool anymore.)

Another awesome feature is the back:


Party in the front AND the back!

It bothers me to no end when things only have embellishment on the front.  Like embroidery that magically stops at the shoulder seam.  It makes things seem so cheap, I think.  So I was very pleased to find that they not only made it out of leather, but didn’t skimp on the back!

“I die!”


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