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Boots made for walking (literally.)

These I will put in my “Would be nice to have in January/February” file.


The North Face "Adrianne III" Boots - $195 @ Bloomingdale's

They’re pretty darn stylish for a utility boot.

I struggle walking on a dry, clean sidewalk in the middle of summer (I’ve always been really klutzy) so once winter hits, I am basically done.  Even if the roads are completely cleared and safe to drive, parking lots still contain a ton of ice.  Therefore causing maximum danger of falling for Belinda.

When I was in college, walking to class took an extra long time due to the fact that I was walking so slowly, praying I didn’t slip on the ice & break something.  I’m just not used to these winters that actually have snow.  Granted, Morgantown’s climate is not as arctic as say, Grantsville, MD (the hometown of my company’s headquarters that is continuously a full 10 degrees cooler than Morgantown, even in the dead of summer) or, you know, the North Pole.  But for the greater part of my first 17 years of life, I lived in a more temperate climate nestled in a river valley.

Ben, who is from Pittsburgh & is used to the exact same winter as Morgantown, is constantly amazed by the fact that I can fall so easily on ice/snow.  One night last winter, we headed downtown to pop in a friend’s birthday celebration.  There was a bit of ice on the sidewalks on the walk downtown, so I wore treaded boots.  Ben wore rubber, smooth-soled dress shoes.  I gripped his arm the entire walk and almost pulled him down a handful of times as I slid.  Meanwhile, he was trotting along normally.  I’m pretty sure I have some sort of brain malfunction when it comes to surviving in wintry climates.  (Perfect reason to move someplace that is warm & sunny 365 days a year!)

A few years ago, my tense walks to campus merited my purchase of a pair of intense North Face boots with grippy treads that would aid in my trek.  They’ve saved me from many a fall.  (Unfortunately not every single fall, but who’s counting!)  They work, you see, but they leave a lot to be desired in the looks department.

These boots would be a perfect compromise.  Still waterproof, lined with space-age material to keep my little piggies warm, & lots of nice grippy treads on the bottom, but a style that doesn’t make me bring a pair of shoes to change into as soon as I enter the door.

Plus they incorporate the tall boots / moccasin-like boots trends all into one!


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Crocs, snakes & savings

I haven’t written about Whitney Port/The City in quite awhile.  Likely because it’s not on right now, so I don’t have weekly fresh fashion.  More on this later.

The other day, I happened to come across the site endless.com after reading about it on Lauren’s Blog.

I was immediately in love & decided to peruse the boots section.  Why?  Well certainly not because of the weather…it was 86 degrees outside.  But as we all know, that doesn’t deter me.  It’s actually probably because I love boots & think the right ones can be worn year round.  Last summer I wore a pair of flat, vintage gray slouchy suede mid-calf boots everywhere. They’re so perfectly comfortable and surprisingly timelessly chic.

Of course I say “vintage” but their origin is actually much less glamorous.  They actually came from Wal-Mart several years ago & were discovered in my Mom’s closet while I was in high school.  They were a few years old when I discovered them, so I guess vintage can apply.  Anyway moral of the story, you never know when you’ll find something great.  Don’t be a label snob.

Said boots at a Harley-Davidson rally last summer.  (We went for my Dad.  This photo doesn't fully show his Harley-riding cooless, I think the socks throw it off.)

Said boots at a Harley-Davidson rally last summer. (We went for my Dad. This photo doesn't fully show his Harley-riding cooless, I think the socks throw it off.)

Back to the original story: while on endless.com I found these beauties:

BCBGirls Petler Boot

BCBGirls Petler Boot

They’re such a perfect “seasonless boot.”  Looks great with jeans tucked in for fall/winter or toughens up a frilly white dress spring/summer.  Plus, I love that the heel is a small wedge.  I’m really klutzy so high-heeled boots are usually a big no-no for me in the winter.  Ice & I are not friends.

Plus, the price is just right- Originally $178.95 & marked down 49% to $90.90 with FREE SHIPPING!  Amazing.

While admiring these boots, I kept thinking that they looked familiar…

My old standby photo when I want to plan winter outfits in the summer!

My old standby photo when I want to plan winter outfits in the summer!

I had LOVED these boots when I first saw these photos and thought that they’d be perfect for the city.  Comfy enough to walk miles & miles while still being an everyday, chic piece.  The shade is great with black or would just as easily compliment a nice cream sweater.  Plus, they’re classic enough to be worn for years & years.

I had actually found the boots the other day on singer22.com but ran into a small problem with price.  $775 is just a little too steep for me.

Beautiful, but elusive...until now!

Beautiful, but elusive...until now!

The only real difference between Whitney’s Loeffler Randall boots and Endless.com’s BCBGirls boots (save luxury vs. retail quality) is that the LR boots are snakeskin embossed leather & BCBG are crocodile embossed leather.  I’m actually more of a fan of the croc.  I like snakeskin heels, but I feel like a full boot is a bit much…for me, at least.  I’m just not into looking like I have an anaconda wrapped around my leg up to the knee.  Weird.

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